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Ad's Lemonade Stand

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Mac's Tavern on the Farm!

Featuring Beer, Wine, and Hard Cider

Sunday, August 27th Minard's and Probable Cause are going to give you more than just a Sunflower festival, this will be the can't miss SUNFLOWER FESTIVAL of the year because as you fill your buckets with all you can pick sunflowers and take selfies with the fam, Probable Cause Band will be performing live within feet of the Sunflower field at the most picturesque agritourism farm in the Hudson Valley. Mac's Tavern On The Farm will be serving your favorite beverages, ALL agritainment activities will be open, ALL the food and ice-cream you're accustomed to at Minard's will be served as we gear up for a record fall...Minard's creates the magic, you create the memories. We kicked off the summer at Minard's with Probable Cause that did not disappoint, and we will end the summer with Probable Cause on a high note. Agritainment at it's finest!