Open Fridays 3 pm-8 pm
Saturdays and Sundays 1 pm to 8pm

Nestled in the heart of the Hudson Valley, Minard's Family Farm welcomes the warm embrace of Summer with open arms and scoops of delicious ice cream!

As May 31st approaches, anticipation mounts for the grand opening of the ice cream parlor and Mac's Tavern on the Farm as Probable Cause performs live.

Our Grand Re-opening will offer new additions which include Summer evenings of live music from the best bands in the Hudson Valley, some family movie nights, and the agritourism activities that Minard's Family Farm is acclaimed for!

Promising a season of farm-filled, family joy and delight for visitors of all ages, the state-of-the-art ice cream parlor offers soft serve, endless hard serve flavors, and many novelty ice cream farm treats.

Picture this: vibrant cones topped with swirls of creamy goodness, served against a backdrop of sprawling green fields and smiling faces. The aroma of freshly churned ice cream fills the air, beckoning families and friends to indulge in a sweet escape from the Summer heat.

Quench your thirst at Mac's Tavern, enjoy light summer snacks and pizza, when bands are performing, and take in the beauty of the sunset as your children play on the sprawling fun-filled farm.

The delights don't end with ice cream, summer movie nights, live music and Mac's Tavern, alone! Minard's Family Farm offers plenty of activities to keep the fun rolling along. The iconic bouncy pillow provides endless entertainment for children, while the promise of meeting friendly farm animals adds an educational twist to the adventure.

For those seeking a touch of whimsy , the Chalk and Tumble Buses invite young artists to unleash their creativity on wheels, transforming the farm into a canvas of colorful imagination.

Minard's Family Farm is a beloved destination for families across New York State and beyond, voted one of the nations top U-Pick agritourism farms in the US by USA Today.

Through the power of community engagement and word-of-mouth, groups like the Long Island Kids Group, the Hudson Valley Group, and the Parent's Group in Long Island eagerly anticipate the Summer's offerings.

We are excited to share with you that we are also hosting Summer birthday parties! Please click here for more details.

Excitement for Minard's Family Farm's Grand Re-Opening with its new offerings continues to grow with each passing day. With its blend of wholesome fun and delectable treats, this beloved farm stands as a beacon of farm family fun!